Mumbai University TY.Com VI Sem, MCA IV Sem, BA III Year Revaluation Results 2017 –

University of Mumbai MU Controller of Examinations Published the much awaited T.Y.Com 6th Semester CBSGS Examinations Revaluation Results 2017 List in the official website link on 12th December 2017.

Recently on 11th December 2017 they will published the revaluation results for the students who were applied for the revaluation of Arts, Commerce, Science, Engineering, Technology, Law courses in the official page on 11th December 2017.

So all students please visit the below official website link & just enter the register number then submit to get the revaluation results 2017 with subject wise marks details.

Mumbai University TY.Com VI Sem, MCA IV Sem, BA III Year Revaluation Results 2017:

Revaluation List-193 T.Y.COM. (SEM- VI) (CBSGS) (7525) 12.12.2017
Revaluation List-192 THIRD YEAR B.COM YEARLY ( College Students) 11.12.2017
Revaluation List-191 T.Y.COM. (SEM- VI) (CBSGS) (7525) 11.12.2017
Revaluation List-190 T.Y.COM. (SEM- V) (CBSGS) (7525) 11.12.2017
Revaluation List-189 T.Y.B.Com (YEARLY) (60.40) V 11.12.2017
Revaluation List-188 T.Y.B.COM (IDOL) 11.12.2017
Revaluation List-187 M.M.S. (CBSGS) SEM-IV 11.12.2017
Revaluation List-186 M.COM. (CHOISE BASED CREDIT SYSTEM) SEMESTER – I 11.12.2017
Revaluation List-185 M.COM PART I (IDOL) 11.12.2017
Revaluation List-184 M.COM (SEM- IV) (CBSGS) 11.12.2017
Revaluation List-183 M.COM (PART-II) (IDOL) 11.12.2017
Revaluation List-182 B.COM.(ACCOUNTING & FINANCE )(SEM-VI) (CBSGS) (7525) 11.12.2017
Revaluation List-181 B.COM. (FINANCIAL MARKETS ) (SEM- VI)(CBSGS) (6040 & 7525) 11.12.2017
Revaluation List-180 B.COM BANKING AND INSURANCE SEM VI (CBSGS) (75.25) 11.12.2017
Revaluation List-179 (B.M.S.)(CBSGS) (7525) SEMESTER – VI 11.12.2017
Revaluation List-178 (B.M.S.)(CBSGS) (7525) SEMESTER – V 11.12.2017
Revaluation List-177 COMMERCE 08.12.2017
Revaluation List-70 Third Year B.A 11.12.2017
Revaluation List-69 Master of Arts 11.12.2017
Revaluation List-68 BMM Sem-VI (CBSGS)(7525) 11.12.2017
Revaluation List-67 BACHELOR OF MUSIC IN HIN. CLA. VOC 08.12.2017
Revaluation List-66 M.A. (HONS) IN SOCIOLOGY(SEM-I) CBCS 08.12.2017
Revaluation List-65 BMM Sem-V (CBSGS)( 7525) 08.12.2017
Revaluation List-64 BMM Sem-VI (CBSGS)( 7525) 08.12.2017
Revaluation List-63 Third Year B.A 07.12.2017
Revaluation List-62 Master of Arts 07.12.2017
Revaluation List-61 BMM Sem-VI (CBSGS)( 7525) 07.12.2017
Revaluation List-60 T.Y.B.A. (Sem. V) (CBSGS) (7525) 05.12.2017
Revaluation List-59 Masters in Social Work (Sem-IV) 05.12.2017
Revaluation List-182 B.Sc. SEM-V (CBGS)(75 25) 07.12.2017
Revaluation List-181 B.SC. (HOSPITALITY STUDIES)( SEM. VI) (75 25) (CBSGS) 07.12.2017
Revaluation List-180 B.Sc.-I.T SEM-V (CBGS)(75 25) 07.12.2017
Revaluation List-179 T.Y.B.SC. (REV) 07.12.2017

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